Budapest X. kerület  redmark pic set of 3

  • A set of 3 cradles covers a full range of domestic animals
  • Hygienic, easily cleaned smooth shape
  • Body contoured for secure dorsal & ventral recumbancy
  • Air space for insulation and pad heating
  • Lumbar step spreads abdominal organs into pelvic cavity to facilitate access to uterine bifurcation for spaying
  • Cervical step for ease of tracheal intubation
  • Hygienic, robust insulated moulded plastic

The set of 3 cradles is necessary for the range of body shapes and sizes, from the cat and small dog to the very large dog, however single cradles may also be purchased to match your requirements

buy gabapentin online usa Large Cradle
 Animals over 70lb/32kg weight (Dimensions 50cm x 50cm)

buy disulfiram in india Medium Cradle
 Animals 30lb-70lb/13kg-32kg weight (Dimensions 45cm x 40cm)

Small Cradle
 Animals up to 30lb/13kg weight (Dimensions 34cm x 27cm)